Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bishop Battles for Right-of-Way Vote

Looks like Bishop responded to my post about his lack of support in North Bibb by planting a sign a rock's throw from my house. Yes, indeed, the Chairman, along with his Republican opponent, Ussery and Jimmy Allen (who is running against Elmo Richardson), all enjoy the support of the residents of corner of Bass and Rivoli. Yep, the crickets living in that spot have a giant green and yellow Bishop sign, along with a sign for Ussery and Allen. I guess it's a house divided. Actually, NO ONE lives in that spot and these giant monster signs are planted in the right-of-way in violation of county ordinances. You'd think that a former police officer, who is currently chair of the Bibb County Commission, and one who wants to be, would know the county's laws and follow them. Signs in right-of-ways REALLY don't vote.

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Carolyn B said...

The Bishop sign at Bass & Rivoli is on private property. It is the only sign for which the property owner has given permission to be placed there. Thanks for your concern.

11:52 PM