Sunday, April 20, 2008

Democatic Caucus: The Winners

No, I don't have a list of all the winners from yesterday's caucus, but regardless, the real winners were Georgia Democrats. In most, if not all, caucus locations throughout the state, record numbers of participants and delegate candidates participated. We need to capture the names of those folks and work to involve them in the Party. More so this year, but to some degree in every presidential election, Georgians become involved who have been otherwise disengaged in politics. We have a history of failing to capture the names of those individuals. We need to do that in a systematic way and pull them in to other activities. For example, our senate candidate, who I hope will be Jim Martin, needs to know where all these people are-they are potential volunteers!

In general, from what I have heard, yesterday was a good day for Georgia democrats. Despite the logistical challenges involved with the large crowds, I have heard of very few "hitches." That's pretty remarkable, in and of itself, since all of our congressional district chairs were given the task of finding free space, large enough to accommodate the crowds that also had wireless Internet access. They also had to find volunteers to do various tasks. If you were at a caucus location, and the process seemed relatively easy, you may want to send a BIG thank you to your CD, all of whom are volunteers for the party. It's kind of like a ballet-if it is done well, it seems effortless and often the hard work that was done to prepare is not credited.

We also need to say a thank you to Jane Kidd, her staff and the other officers of the Party, many of whom supervised caucus locations. In the 8th, Vice Chair Sally Rosser was here at 8 a.m. to help set up and stayed through the entire process. Good job, everyone.

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