Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dirty Tricks in HD93

Someone is circulating an email claiming that Traci Waites, who is running for HD93, is chair of the "Georgia Association of Black Republicans." It come with art attached that, at first glance, seems to support the claims. Shocking right? Except that it's not true. It's a hit piece. In case you get the email, here's a link to the original page published in the fall 2007 edition of "The Black Republican." Check page two. I've copied it, and the false hit piece below. This is dirty, nasty politics. What a load of crap. I am supporting a different candidate in this race, but it doesn't matter. No one deserves this. It's way wrong.

Below you will find the first, the forged piece that is circulating and below it , a copy of the original page.

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Devin Barrington Ward said...

This claim is completely untrue and should not be occuring in this race the only reason for such a false claim is that people view Traci Waites as the front runner in this race and someone must place dirt on the candidate that is viewed as the winner of the race