Friday, April 4, 2008

Jacobs: A Man Without a Party

I probably shouldn't pick on poor Mike Jacobs. I know he's had a rough day, but this guy, who left the Democratic party last year has just been knee-capped by his brand new Republican colleagues. After today, I have this image of Rep. Jacobs as a nomad wandering about, spitting camel and all, looking for political friends who won't stab him in the back. Good luck with that.

Here's what the AJC Political Insider boys have to say about the fate of Jacob's poisoned Grady bill. (We blogged about this a couple of days ago.) The bill HB1299-and it's anti-abortion amendment courtesy of Sen Shafer-were both defeated today in the Georgia House rendering it dead, dead, dead for the session. Jacob's co-sponsor Rep. Sharon Cooper (R) turned the tables on him and worked to defeat the amended bill. It is notable that another Republican, Rep. Jill Chambers reportedly turned thumbs down in a signal to others to vote "nay" and was heard saying:

As the seconds ticked by, state Rep. Jill Chambers (R-Atlanta), held her thumb downward as a signal to others. “I’m tired of men in the Capitol playing vaginal politics,” she said later.

Me, too, Jill, me, too. Jacobs seemed to have acknowledged his party-less predicament. The AJC reports that he suggested to Rep. Cooper that she might as well write a check to his Democratic challenger. Works for me.


Vic said...

Friday 4/4/08 7:15p.m. Apologize for changing the subject but:

You can see the Sine Die House & Senate Live at:,2141,4802_6107101,00.html

Amy, i already saw you there but the rest of you can live blog along with Creative Loafing. They are already looking for firearms, free drinks and house members with their thumbs down.

Hospital Lobbyists are serving Longhorn Salmon and Steak during recess til 7:15p.m.

Amy Morton said...

What? I'm there? I would've sworn that I was sitting on my living room sofa. I'm not there, Vic. I'm looking at live blogging just like you.

Open+Transparent said...

I disagree with Mike on a ton of stuff, but I will say he's a committed family man. He's a good husband and a good dad.
And while the rest of the DeKalb Delegation has turned its back on scandal after scandal by Vernon Jones, many of the scandals costing county taxpayes millions, Jacobs was the one state rep or state senator from DeKalb calling Vernon out.

But trust me, I let Jacobs have it when he switched. He's made more than his share of mistakes along with some good stuff.

Amy Morton said...

I don't doubt his personal integrity, but politically, he is now drinking from the well he bittered. To me, party switchers are kind of like cheating spouses-whoever gets them next never quite trusts them.

Open+Transparent said...

Wasn't our Guvna a switcher?

And speaking of cheating spouses, Glenn Richardson was in rare form today; and what's up with Ben harbin's DUI?

Yep, Mike put himself out on an island.

Amy Morton said...

Why, indeed he was. Perhaps that 'splains some of the intra-party animosity.

Tina said...

There are so many serious issues at stake in Georgia and somuch tomfoolery going on. The sheer triviality of some of our
legislators hasbecome very tiresome indeed. Some are not even earning their "ground rent" (i.e. payment to society for the privilege of being sentient beings walking the earth) let alone earning their legislative pay.