Saturday, April 5, 2008

No Wonder They Need Their Guns...

The clock ran out on transportation, trauma care, tax reform and eduction, but, never fear, on the last day of the session, Georgia Republicans found time to pass a bill that allows folks to take their guns to dinner. No wonder. With the warring factions of the Georgia GOP aiming for each other's heads, Glenn and Casey probably think they need their guns at dinner. Petty personal power-grabs and self-promotion took center stage, once again, for Georgia Republicans who chose to fight with one another rather than fighting for the people they were elected to serve.

Seriously, I've yet to find someone who thinks the session was a success. Check this AJC article by James Salzer: the criticism transcends party lines. Unless you're a big time developer or an insurance company, there was little to celebrate in the session this year. Simple things, like having confidence that you'll have water for your morning shower, a reasonable commute time to work and access to trauma care if, God forbid, you have a wreck on the way, are not partisan issues. These are issues that matter to every Georgian, and sooner rather than later, the voters are going to toss out elected officials who'd rather fight with one another than offer solutions for the real problems we deal with every day. Had enough? Vote for a Democrat.

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