Thursday, April 24, 2008

North Macon Looks Like Ussery Territory

The Bibb Commission chair race is heating up, and Charlie Bishop has not one, but two, fights on his hands. He probably shouldn't pick any more. Sam Hart stepped up to the plate last month with an impressive 25K in the bank, and from the signs I'm seeing in yards, North Bibb looks like Ussery territory to me. Vineville, too. I suspect that Chairman Bishop is feeling just a little bit nervous about right now. I'm sure he expected a fight in the general election, but now it looks as though the momentum in the Republican primary is with Ussery. Bishop may not even survive that primary to face a strong Sam Hart in the fall. Some elected officials may feel pressure to support Bishop, or to stay out of the race, in an effort to protect their own seats, but they shouldn't worry. Change is in the air in Macon. It's time to get on that train or pack up your office.


Carolyn B said...

Charlie Bishop is a retired cop and a veteran. He is not one to be nervous. Signs don't vote. People do. Money does not win races. Public trust, hard work, and the integrity of the candidate are key ingredients necessary to win a race. Bishop spent 36 thousand last time while his opponents spent close to 200 thousand. One of the opponents was very capable and would have won if the people had voted for the most qualified candidate. Bishop won with less money and even made a donation to the Macon College Foundation. Much of the money his opponents have raised this time are loans or family donations. An old practice used by people seeking to impress others was to take two one hundred dollar bills and make a "flash roll" of one dollar bills in the middle. Now Bishop is the most qualified,will end up with money left over. He has the trust of many people not just in North Macon but throughout Bibb County. Don't count him out before he even make his signs available to his supporters.

Amy Morton said...

Actually, it's always a bad sign when a challenger out-raises an incumbent, and Hart did, even if you subtract the loan. But, again, Bishop has to make it through Ussery before he ever gets a shot at Hart. I think that Ussery has a very good chance of beating Bishop in the primary. Local elected official should not be concerned about "payback" if they support another candidate.

Vic said...

bishop and ussery will divide the white flightys and sam will slide into home plate. that will be ok as long as he learns to be more open and vocal about government affairs and doesn't allow any family members on the payroll, again. but sam has a bit to learn about road programs.

and Bishop, Richardson, Bivins et al might need some lessons on drawing within the coloring book lines.

"Secretary of State orders start of Monroe-Bibb line survey"
By Chuck Thompson