Monday, April 21, 2008

The Obama Cash Machine

CNN reports that Barack Obama has raised $41 million in March, more than twice Clinton's haul, leaving him with $51 million cash on hand and (this is impressive) $42.5 million that can be spent on the primaries. Clinton, on the other hand reports 10 million in debt, and of her $32 million cash on hand, only about $9 million available for primary spending.

Look, I feel a little silly writing words like "just" before amounts like $9 million, but this cash difference in the campaigns has reached a point of critical mass. Whoever is the nominee is going to have rely on their primary money until the convention, even if the other party drops out of the race. No candidate for president has ever demonstrated the ability to raise the kind of money-from such a broad base-as Sen. Obama has done. It really is remarkable.

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Catherine said...

Remarkable? I think it's obscene that by the end of this primary we will have raised (and spent) nearly half a billion dollars. Just imagine the good that could have come from all that cash. Instead we have millions spent on advertising and paper.