Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Republican Pundit Cites Bishop's Vulnerability

Here's another example of why I think Charlie Bishop is in deep trouble. Republican pundit and City Council member Erick Erickson has posted a thoughtful piece about all the reasons why Bishop's re-election will be "difficult." Erickson, who managed Bishop's campaign in 2004, will be "sitting this race out." That's a very bad sign for Bishop. Erickson sees a tough row to hoe for Bishop against Sam Hart, especially if Obama is the nominee. I agree with Erick. Even if Obama is not the nominee, the desire for change, progress and a little statesmanship in government was made clear in Reichert's election. I think we'll see the same thing in the Chairman's race. People are going to cross party lines for a competent leader who works and plays well with others. Plus, I'm already hearing about campaign tactics that are sure to turn off voters.


concerned citizen said...

It seems to me that Bishop is in serious trouble when even the guy who managed his last campaign has jumped ship.

Amy Morton said...

I agree. It's a tough position to be in. I think he's got a huge hill to climb.

A New Direction said...

I believe there are open minded people from ALL Parties who want to see some positive changes in this community. We saw it in the City elections and hopefully we'll see it in the County as well.

What I cannot understand is, why all the hatred and infighting? Good Lord, surely there are people who are competent and decent that are willing to serve.

We're all in this thing together. I liked the Mayor's motto, "Together WE can". There's no I in WE. It takes a whole community working in a civil manner to make effective changes.

Vic said...

Amy, do you think that Erick and other Bloggers should disclose which campaigns are compensating them to write some of this stuff?

Charlie, you owe me one, no, on second thought, you owe me two... :-)

Amy Morton said...

I can only speak for my self-I have not now nor have I ever been compenstated for anything by any campaign. The money very much flows the other direction-as in me making contributions for candidates.

Vic said...

two Roundabouts that is. maybe you'll get it from a fellow Law Enforcement Officer: