Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GMA Praises Porter

Again, Georgia Democrats may have no better friend than Glenn Richardson.

Today, the Georgia Municipal Association held a listening session in Macon, and according to those present, Executive Director Jim Higdon had glowing praise for Rep. Dubose Porter and the Democratic leadership in the House. Higdon said that Porter sought him out early in the session and pledged to hold the caucus together to oppose Richardson's now-infamous tax plan. And, Porter delivered. Higdon also praised Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and Rep. Richard Royal for their support. Had it passed, the GREAT Tax would have seriously undermined the control and authority of local governments. Higdon noted that the Speaker-for whom he showed no love-pushed the plan forward despite the absence of research to discover whether the plan was (a) needed and (b) effective.

This is the kind of critical, behind the scenes work Porter does frequently. He doesn’t showboat, but instead works quietly and effectively to build relationships with key individuals and organizations, like GMA. Politically, those are relationships that can pay big dividends for Democrats this fall. Though much has been written here and elsewhere about Richardson’s “GREAT” Tax Plan, it is worth remembering and truly remarkable that Democrats were able to cobble together a coalition and defeat the plan. Richardson ran the equivalent of well-financed, statewide campaign in support of the plan. We had virtually no money to spend opposing the plan, but we beat him anyway. That's one for the books.

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