Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going All the Way?

That's what the front of the "Hillary Clinton for President" envelope said-in BIG letters. Inside, a plea for me-me-to help by "rushing a gift."

I've endorsed Obama. A glance at an FEC filing would show I gave substantially to his campaign. I'm trying to figure out how this was targeted-maybe to all female dem donors? Regardless, I'll pass. How ironic that this came to me on the day Edwards endorsed Obama. Great timing on Edwards' part, by the way. Mark my words, though, tomorrow's news cycle is, "what about Elizabeth?" Now, that would be a plum.

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Sid Cottingham said...

Amy, surely you don't really think Elizabeth will come out with an endorsement (as if John's did not speak for both of them). But if she did, and not thinking for a minute that she will, I would rather have hers than John's as you well know. I was a big Edwards man in '04, but just couldn't get into his populist, be mad at the world, campaign this year. But now Elizabeth is another topic altogether . .. .