Tuesday, May 6, 2008

North Carolina Delivers for Obama

Tonight was a game-changer for Democrats, but not the one Clinton hoped for. The My birth state delivered for Obama tonight, in a big way, though my home county, Rutherford, voted for Clinton by 61%, and as I sit here, Indiana is "too close to call."

Who knew.

Most thought the Democratic Primary contest would drag on into the summer. Now, no matter who wins Indiana, Obama's nomination appears inevitable, and the steep hill Clinton had to climb just became Mt. Everest. Now, it becomes increasingly difficult for Clinton to make the case to delegates that she should be the nominee. It will become increasingly difficult for her to raise money. I'm betting that the super delegates trickle to Obama will become a flood over the next few weeks. And, as he did in his speech tonight, Obama will increasingly begin to reach out to Clinton, heal the party, and run against John McCain.

And, by the way, once he's President, will blogger's spell check stop thinking "Obama" is a misspelled word?


Tina said...

I wonder when John Edwards is going to commit himself in the presidential contest.

Tina said...

The latest "scary" email from Republicans going around on the internet is that Obama, if elected, will appoint Hillary Clinton to the Supreme Court. I think this is highly unlikely because she has no judicial experience and has not devoted herself to legal and constitutional scholarship. She is a "policy wonk" and a good one, not a "constitutional wonk." A cabinet position would seem more likely than either VP or The Supremes...