Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Obama and Glen Hansard

If you want a good seat at an Obama event, take your film crew along. Last night, Daryl and I saw Irish musician Glen Hansard and Czech musician Marketa Irglova (Oscar winning song, Falling Slowly from the movie, Once) at the Cobb Energy Center. First, let me say "wow" and "wow." They were amazing, and the venue was spectacular. See both.

So, where does Obama fit in this story? Hansard said they were in Louisville on Monday and learned that Obama was giving a public speech, so they went-documentary film crew in tow. Secret Service recognized him and popped them right up on the press riser. Two interesting points-first, Hansard clearly was impressed with Obama, and during the show several comments were made about MLK, Atlanta, the fact that our civil rights movement spurred their's, and how the U.S. might soon have our first black president. Second, while Hansard did not understand the difference in being in Marietta rather than Atlanta, the Obama comments drew hearty applause from what appeared to be a mostly upper middle class white crowd. (After all, they have special Mercedes parking.) That informal poll is good news for dems in Georgia.

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