Monday, May 5, 2008

Shocked, I Tell You, Shocked and Astounded

Some folks have been waiting for years for this shoe to drop. U.S. Attorney Max Wood sent a love letter to the City of Macon inviting indicating that the Ellis administration misused money and made false statements to the feds in connection to grant money-money they allege the City spent in ways other than intended. It may take months before we all recover from our astonishment at the allegation that Ellis would've done such a thing. But, the feds just might want their money back, and my question is-is the City of Macon really going to be the only entity punished here?

Does Jack walk away? With him being the only City Official named, and with the language "making false statements to a government official" floating around, I'm guessing Jack better be hiring a lawyer, booking a trip or both.

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