Friday, May 23, 2008

Show Up. Seriously. Show Up.

The State Committee of the DPG meets tomorrow in Atlanta. We will be voting on our slate of delegates to the DNC. Some people have been trying to encourage committee members to boycott the meeting. The idea is that if we do not have quorum, then we will not be able to vote. Some people are unhappy that the presidential campaigns cut the slates of at-large delegates to one per slot. To that, I say, big deal. Get over it.

The rules are that the campaigns have the right to purge the slate. Those are the rules. If you don't like the rules, talk to your DNC rep, or better yet, run yourself, but, for now, those are the rules. Given that, I think that both campaigns exercised GREAT restraint by letting almost everyone through at the district level. And, I completely understand why they would want to exercise more control at the State Committee level. Unlike the district-level election, at State Committee, all members vote on all delegates. That means Obama supporters get to vote on both Clinton delegates and Obama delegates and vice versa. And that, my friend, opens the door wide for tomfoolery. So, no wonder the campaigns limited the slates.

Besides, I think suggesting that members stay home is a terribly short-sighted take-my-ball-and-go-home approach. Look, if Barr is on the ticket, we may have a shot at putting Georgia in play in November. Don't you think that we should at least bother to send a full delegation to Denver?

So, if you ran for and were ELECTED to serve or ACCEPTED AN APPOINTMENT to the committee, then, you have a responsibility to show up and vote. So, be there.

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