Monday, June 2, 2008

Cats, Dogs, Nude Dancing, and Alcohol

According to Macon City Councilwomen Benedict, despite the outcry in support of privatization on the editorial page of the Telegraph, and the known opposition of many members of City Council to the Mayor's proposal, exactly no one, that would be nada, none, zero from the public appeared at today's requisite public hearing on the budget. Members of the Appropriations Committee had to fill the minimum required time to leave the public hearing open (15 minutes) with chatter and comments on the virtues of the proposed privatization of solid waste so as to make the broadcast on Channel 14 more interesting. Ms. Lucas pointed out that unless you're talking about cats, dogs, nude dancing or alcohol, the public will not attend. While that brought a chuckle from the handful of council members and media present, this is a sad but true reflection of our tendency to get riled up about the things that matter the least* while ignoring the solid waste in the room.

*For the record, because I know it's going to come up, I love cats and dogs, rarely drink alcohol and am ambivilent about nude dancing. Councilwomen Benedict did not express her opinion on any of the above, but I hear she has two cats.

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