Sunday, June 22, 2008

Georgia, Meet Sen. Kay Hagan

If you haven't heard about North Carolina's Kay Hagan, then you've missed the story of the great grassroots candidate who has an excellent chance of sending Liddy Dole back to Kansas. In fact, Hagan's been hosting Ruby Slipper decorating parties around North Carolina and is determined to give Dole a pair. I say, let's help her.
Kay Hagan is a five-term North Carolina State senator, and polls show her well within striking distance of Dole. Hagan, who is endorsed by EMILY's List, has a track record of common sense support for education, children's health insurance, renewable energy and an orderly withdrawal and political end to the war in Iraq.
And, I hear she's been busy raising money. She raised a million and a half and blew her opponent, Jim Neal, out of the water in the primary. Pundits looking at her polling and her fundraising see Kay as the Jim Webb of 2008.

So, since we don't have a women running for U.S. Senate in Georgia, what do you say? Let's help Kay give Liddy Dole that pair of Ruby slippers?