Thursday, June 19, 2008

Martin: "A Credit to His Party and His State"

Jim Martin has earned the endorsement of the AJC. Bookman's editorial is right on the money, both in his assessment of Martin's strengths and his assessment of the vulnerabilities of the other Democrats in the race. Here's a a bit:

Five candidates are seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate and the right to challenge Saxby Chambliss, the Republican incumbent, in the fall. But only one —- former state Rep. Jim Martin —- has the experience, the character and the intellect demanded for the role.Rand Knight, an environmental engineer and software salesman, has the intellect and character but has never held or sought public office. A seat in the U.S. Senate would be too big a step, too soon. Dale Cardwell, a former TV reporter, touts himself as an alternative to "business as usual" but has done nothing to establish himself as more than a protest candidate. Camping out on a tower in the dead of winter may draw publicity, but it is not the act of a potential U.S. senator. Josh Lanier, a retired businessman and consultant, is not running an aggressive
campaign. The remaining candidate, DeKalb County CEO Vernon Jones, is a special case. He is a man of large talents and large flaws, but those flaws of temperament, character and judgment are so large as to disqualify him from consideration for higher office.

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