Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Repeat After Me...

President Obama
President Obama
President Obama

CNN has called it. What a moment!


Tina said...

Now the real work begins. The "dirty tricks" machine will start churning out every sort of undignified and potentially damaging misinformation that it can. I have already received some pretty awful emails, one of which included a photo of Obama that had been doctored to make him look like Osama bin Laden. I urge Democrats to do a "reply all" and set the facts straight when they get such tripe. You may not convince the person who passed on the misinformation but you WILL let them know that you are not taken in by blatant nonsense, lies, and barely disguised racism.

Amy Morton said...

Sorry, Fred P. You're not going to use my blog to spread your pitiful, paranoid propaganda. DO it on one of your three. Want to make your case for a candidate-democrat or republican, fine. The list is URL's is not allowed here. BTW, it is amazing to me the lengths to which republicans will go to engender fear. Your problem is that with gas at 4+ bucks a gallon, the deficit escalating and the war stagnating while our brave soldiers die, the American people are now, correctly, running scared from republican leadership. No wonder.