Friday, July 11, 2008

DPG Has Standing to Challenge Voter ID Law

Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia was found to have standing to bring the Voter ID lawsuit, and Judge Campbell also found that the Plaintiff's petition was not subject to dismissal for failure to provide verification. While the press may be focused on the fact that Judge Campbell declined to grant the requested TRO for the primary, it is the finding on the issue of standing that should give hope to all those in Georgia who want to protect the fundamental right to vote. Past suits on this matter in Georgia have ultimately failed because the plaintiff(s)were found not to have standing. You can read the decision here.

Martin Matheny, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia, said:

"We are pleased that the issue of standing is now settled. The ruling on the request for the temporary restraining order is disappointing but not totally unexpected. We knew this was a short time frame to bring this action. We look forward to the court's full consideration of this matter as the lawsuit moves forward. The Democratic Party of Georgia will continue to fight to protect the Georgia Constitution and to make sure that every Georgia voter has the a chance to vote in November."


Don Thieme said...

Good job finding a nugget of good news here. I look for "election fraud" to be a primary tactic for the Republic Party in trying to secure a McCain victory in Georgia and other southern states this fall.

Amy Morton said...

Well, I actually think that it's a victory. The judge considering the TRO, to my understanding did not reach a decision on the merits of the case. The past challenges to Votr ID in Georgia have failed because the parties were ultimately found to lack standing to bring the suit. In this instance, the party, the DPG, has been found to have standing, so that hurdle is crossed. I actually think that's a pretty big deal.