Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Election Day Nonsense

It's time Karen Handel realized that she's Secretary of State, not Secretary of the GOP.

I was pretty happy to be sleeping at about seven o'clock this morning, but then the phone rang. Daryl had been to vote and wanted to know why there was a sign at our precinct saying Jim Powell had been found ineligible and that votes for him would not count. Hadn't he gotten a stay?

I called Martin Matheny at the DPG-to whom I give credit for being more awake than me-and asked. Yes, he said, there was a stay, and the signs were in error. Then, I called the Bibb County Board of elections and spoke to Elaine Carr, who had been out making sure all precincts were open. She was unaware of the change but looked at her email and found the notice from Handel. Elaine said she would send out her guys to take down the signs. Bibb County's big, I thought, that'll take some time. Meanwhile voters will be confused and misinformed-something we know Handel is very much opposed to(unless it benefits republicans, of course.).

Sure enough, when I went to vote at 9 am, the sign was still there. I asked one of the poll workers about it, and she said, "he was disqualified." I said,"no, he got a stay and the sign should be removed. Can someone call the board of election to check?" She said, "He is on the ballot." I said, "Yes, I know, but the sign needs to be removed. Can someone call Elaine?" She indicated that someone would call.

I don't know what happened. All I know is that an hour and a half after I called the Board of Elections, the sign was still up. If Handel had to put everyone on the phones to prevent this fiasco, that's what she should've done. There's no excuse for this nonsense.

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