Sunday, July 27, 2008

From Jim Powell: What's Handel Afraid Of?

This dropped in my email box this evening, and I have to say, I agree with Jim Powell, more and more Karen Handel acts like the Secretary of the Republican Party, not the Secretary of State. Even the AJC is chronicling her partisan acts, and over at Tondee's Tavern, there are reports of monkey business with refusal to provide absentee ballots to democrats. While there are numerous examples of her partisan acts, her behavior in Jim Powell's race was egregious. Ineffective (he won easily), but egregious none the less. Below is Powell's email. She is forcing him to fight a legal battle to stay in the race for Public Service Commissioner. Her action appears designed to make his race more costly, to eliminate our strongest candidate from the race and to prevent Powell from focusing on the general election. In short, he needs cash. So, how about a few bucks for the race no one-except the big utility companies-ever thinks about? There may be no office that more directly impacts your pocketbook.

Dear Friends and Family

What is Karen Handel afraid of?

This past Friday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution published a feature editorial about the partisan political actions on the part of Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel. As you know, Ms. Handel has been working overtime to try to remove me as a candidate for the Public Service Commission.

The editorial addresses Ms. Handel’s repeated efforts to “clear the ballot to bolster the chances of [Republican Lauren] McDonald, who is seeking to reclaim the PSC seat that he lost to reform candidate Angela Speir in 2002”. It is obvious that Ms. Handel is not concerned about the voices and votes of the citizens of Georgia, but instead the political gain of her party’s candidates. What she should be concerned about is making sure that Georgia has fair and efficient elections where the candidates can debate the issues and be elected on their own merits. She has proven that, given an opportunity, she will stop at nothing to put a candidate from her party on the Commission that is beholden to the utilities and their lobbyists.

I have never run for public office before and I am amazed what some veteran politicians such as Ms. Handel will do promote their partisan agenda. However, I am encouraged that many Georgia citizens, including 85% of Democratic primary voters, continue to stand by me as I fight for my campaign in the Fulton County Superior Court. My legal expenses are mounting and I need your help to continue this legal fight and to advance my campaign. Please consider a donation. Even a $100, $75, $50 or a $25 donation will go along way to advance the cause. You can
contribute on my website or mail a check to:

Jim Powell for GA PSC
P. O. Box 273
Hiawassee, GA 30546

Thank you for your support. Jim.

Checkout the AJC editorial here.

Checkout Handel’s response here.

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Tina said...

I just donated and hope others will too so that Jim P won't be burdened down with legal expenses.