Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Martin Hits the Democratic Political Trifecta

Women, labor and civil rights leaders: in anybody's book, that's the trifecta of democratic politics in Georgia, and today, Jim Martin trounced rival Vernon Jones in all three categories. First, Jim won the endorsement of an impressive group of ministers and civil rights leaders, including the ringing praise of the Rev. Joseph Lowery, one of Sen. Barack Obama's top Georgia leaders. At that same event, Richard Ray, the President of the AFL-CIO of Georgia, appeared at Martin's side, and this weekend, labor leaders are hosting an old fashioned Democratic fish fry for Martin in Macon. Finally, I was at Rep. Kathy Ashe's lovely home this evening for the Women for Jim Martin event, and it was PACKED with prominent leaders in the women's community. I would estimate that there were at least a hundred women there at any given time. There were so many elected officials present, that the host had to keep going back to add names as she worked her way through the introductions. Add to those, the women there who are leaders in the nonprofit and business community, and toss in a few key men, like Sen. Kasim Reed, and I'd call that event a resounding success!

There is no doubt that these are the groups the winning candidate will need to bring to the table on Tuesday. It looks like this Jim is in a very good position to do just that.


Veverly said...

Since when did Joseph Lowery become Georgia's top leaders. As a early supporter of Senator Obama and an avid campaign volunteer in Georgia's Obama campaign, I do not recall Joseph Lowery being propelled to the top of this state's Obama team. If truth be told, as it is seldom done by the Martin camp or the media, Vernon Jones has been one of the earliest supporters of Barack Obama in this state. I was given permission by the Jones administration to campaign for Obama in DeKalb County when we were just in our exploratory stage. Mr. Jones gave me his support then and has continued to be a driving force in our efforts to elect Obama as President. Lowery's endorsement merely shows just how out of touch some of our supposedly black leaders are. Vernon Jones represents everything that is new and refreshing about Barack Obama - young, energetic, open to new ideas and CHANGE. What drives Obama's efforts in Georgia is his ability to appeal to new voters, young voters, and women. If Georgia women are smart, they will go with the candidate who has a PROVEN record in government. Under Mr. Jones administration in DeKalb County he provided a a diverse workplace with increased leadership for women. This is just more media hype and attempt to decieve the very voters who are wise enough to know that Jim Martin can't campaign on the ISSUES. He is more concerned with endorsements than the issues that the next Senator from Georgia willbe faced with. Why won't Martin debate the issues? Simple, he does nto know how because he is a political puppet. We don't need leadership with strings attached. We need a leader who can stand on his own, who knows Georgia, who has a very excellent record of managing the affairs of the people. We need a person who can balance a budget and who is concerned about the environment. More importantly, we need a Senator who can truly ride the Obama wave in Georgia and defeat Saxby. Endorsement are important, but they can also be bought. Go with the Senator who has a track record of SUCCESS and you will vote for Vernon Jones.

Amy Morton said...

You are not seriously on this blog, on behalf of Jones, attacking the Rev. Joseph Lowery, are you?

So, this is how Vernon rolls? Looks like that's who you take your marching orders from, since he had to "give you permission" to campaign for Obama in DeKalb County. Since when does a County CEO have to give "permission" to someone to excercise their first amendment rights? This is exactly why I'm supporting Jim Martin.

Todd said...

.In a time and space where change is the answer the old guard once again are using their classic tools ( media, unions, old school leaders like Joseph Lowery that are beholding to the status quo). The people of this country including the youth are tired of our leaders selling out to special interest. We want people that will do what they believe is in the greatest good for us, the people regardless of special interest. We want no need effective leadership, a person that can make tough decisions, not be controlled and leave a place better than they found it. Look at Jones and DeKalb county no layoffs, balanced budgets improved senior facilities; martin was ran out of DHR children suffered under his watch. If he cannot or will not protect children well, enough said. I don't have to like someone to respect their abilities, but I have to respect your abilities to believe in you enough to vote for you, to many of my forefathers died so I could vote. I know a lot of good people, I like many of them but they should not be my senator and martin should not either.

Amy Morton said...

You know what, if Rev. Lowery is "
old school," then we all ought to go back to that school. But, this attack on Lowery is vintage Jones-his public statement about the endorsement was "short and classy," while behind the scenes the attacks began.

And, yes, indeed, let's look at Jones' work in DeKalb County. Would you like us to look at the grand jury investigation, the State Ethics Commission penalty, the fact that spending in DeKalb went up 56% while the CEO's salary increased by more than 40%, or just the general culture of intemidation?