Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Martin Ready for Runoff

Here's Jim Martin with Kyle Bailey. Looks like a runoff with Vernon-and Jim's ready!


Open+Transparent said...

Vernon is such a pig its mind-boggling that any female would vote for the dude. But with that money votes, a lot of women did vote for the clown.

I live in DeKalb, and the stories, especially from buddies on the police force, about Vernon are legendary, not in a good way.

When a woman came forward with a rape allegation against Vernon, Vernon's handpicked Chief of Police immediately called Vern and Vern's personal lawyer, and that lawyer contacted the victum, before detectives even fully interviewed her. The woman dropped the charges citing media attention and stress.

And when Vern touts his public safety record, he fails to mentin four police cheifs in five years.

Open+Transparent said...

Classy that Vernon Jones guy, isn't he...nice way to treat a fellow Democrat:


He has a failed record of accomplishment," Jones told reporters at an afternoon press conference at his Peachtree Road headquarters in Atlanta. "Jim Martin, while head of DHR, allowed many children to be abused. Some of those children died."