Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain and Obama: Both Focused on Obama

I am more convinced every day that McCain simply does not have what it takes, in terms of plan, campaign or resources to compete with Obama.

Take a look at John McCain's website. In a glance, tells the story of just how much trouble McCain is in and how off-key his campaign has become. Who's front and center? Obama, not McCain. And, Obama's picture is in a juvenile, 3rd-grader-could've done it-pasted together YouTube in which McCain whines about the positive media coverage of Obama and invites you to choose a theme song. That's what they have front and center: Obama. I'm not kidding. It's not like it's on a blog or on some extra-campaign website. This is how McCain is spending his own campaign cash, the face he wants for his campaign is Obama's. It is as if McCain has nothing to talk about except for Obama. Well, maybe that's not too far from the truth. The watch words are "him" and "you."

Not so on the Obama site. In fact the words, "John McCain" appear no where on the home page. He refers to "our opponents." Obama is focused on his own platform, Clinton's support of him and substantive policy issues. There are links to more information about his international tour. No John McCain. The watch words are "we" and "our."

Let's just day that I am cautiously optimistic about November. :)


Dora said...

Been reading for a while but this is my first post :)

I'm cautiously optimistic most of the time until I bump into someone or overhear someone spouting such putrid trash and nonsense about what they've been fed to believe without questioning how much "truth" is in their meal/poison.

There are people around me who believe that Obama is still Muslim and will turn the world over to the middle eastern terrorist (or that he is one in disguise himself) and that they have to vote republican just because they have always voted republican and aren't in the habit of looking at facts or thinking outside the box.

The can't see or understand the connection between the people in the house on Penn. Ave and how much $$ is being padded into their buddies pockets. They can't see the difference between trampling on the constitution and protecting themselves and their country from the terrorist. They can't see the insanity in the amount of money going to fight this stupid oil war and how that money could/should be invested in our own resources like children and sustainable energy.

It's rather scary and difficult to be optimistic when I listen to them and think about how many of them there are in their clusters of closed thinking.

I wish we had it in the bag but we simply do not.

Don Thieme said...

I think that John McCain does have a really weak organization, particularly in terms of people who are convinced by his ideas. I suspect that there is a generational divide there between those few who are ideologically mature and those who are doing the actual campaign work.

McCain does seem to be winning over the conservative mainstream, however. I watched an interview last night with Sean Hannity which went very well. As dora points out, the "anti-Obama" fever is a big factor. How well third parties organize and make their way onto debates and ballots state-by-state will make a big difference.

Tina said...

I'm the same age as McCain and there's a generational gap between him and me !! Besides, his campaign is a big hollow yawn. Crowds are not going to line up enthusiastically waiting to vote for him. I do hope, however, that the diehard Hillary-ites will get over their snit. My advice to them is the old Japanese saying: "The wise bamboo bends with the big wind."
There is not a day that passes that I don't do something for the Obama campaign...even if it's just to make a blog entr or send an email or give someone a nbumper sticker..and if Hillary had won the nomination I would be working hard for her too.

Dora said...

I'm concerned that people don't think or question what they are being fed. It's far too dern easy just to belive what someone says as the truth than it is to question or challenge the fact, much less the common sense of something.

The sheer number of people near me and in the ones that I come into contact with on a daily basis is staggering and depressing. The ignorance is depressing. The apathy is depressing. The hate and intolerance for some one/thing different is abhorable.

I remain grounded in HOPE - the belief that something better is possible and obtainable.

I quit spending time trying to convince the pigs to sing, instead, I am putting my energy into locating people who want to be a part of that hope and that change.

It is THOSE people [and them showing up at the poles to vote in mass numbers] who will help to usher in a new day and a new hope.

Even though I'm excited about those people, I'm still cautious that ignorance loves a GRAND amount of company and there seems to be no shortage of those that are running with the pack.

Amy Morton said...

Hi, Dora, welcome to Georgia Women Vote! I agree that the election is far from in the bag. We have to fight for every vote, but this already feels a whole lot different than 2004. There's staff on the ground, even in Georgia, and Obama clearly has the superior machine. I've got my fingers crossed.

Post early and often!

Tiffany Stevens said...

Wanted to say that I recently discovered your blog, and this particular post caught my attention, especially because I've noticed that in McCain's speeches, he mentions Obama more than he mentions himself.

I also wanted to make you aware that I linked this post in a post of my own on my blog.