Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Phone

Yes, the robocalls have started, and I have to say that so far none have been nasty. First up this morning was Dale Cardwell, and as robocalls go, this one was pretty well done. He started with a women talking, introducing him, saying that he was going to talk about something he had been working on for years as an investigative reporter. I thought, here we go, he's going to smack Vernon. No such luck, he hit the PAC thing, left out his opponents names and stayed clean. Good call.

Then, I heard for the second time from Bill Lucas, and while there was some push back at the incumbent sheriff, it was not too bad.

We have had actual live calls from Steve Leeds and Tony Center, state committee members who are running for DNC posts.

I suspect that there will be more calls over the next few days.


Emma said...

Oh, Amy. I DESPISE robocalls. So far, I have received three from Bill Lucas - actually, two from him, and one from his wife. If I hadn't already decided whom to support, the robocalls would have decided it for me.

Makes me wonder what demographic I'm in!


Amy Morton said...

Oh, me, too, but I have come to expect them during the weekend before a vote. It's one of the few last minute things a candidate cand do to communicate with voters, and they are really cheap-maybe six or seven cents per call. So, I'm generally just glad if the calls are not nasty and if there is no deception.

Amy Morton said...

And, actually, I suspect Bill sent the calls to all SD's-strong democrats-in the voter file.

Sue said...


Will you be endorsing any candidates for Constituency Vice Chair or DNC positions?

Amy Morton said...

All I am sure of at this point is that I am voting for Steve Leeds for DNC rep. I know of no one who has invested more time and money in supporting the party. This is a guy who does everything from trudge through the snow in Iowa to raising thousands for candidates and the party. Plus, Steve already has relationships with people at the national level. Steve can use those relationships to make sure Georiga's voice is heard and our needs addressed.

A New Direction said...

Atkinson Attends 1st Annual Car Show
Lizella Baptist Church July 12, 2008

Maurice Atkinson has committed to visiting every part of District 4 to meet residents and express his vision for Bibb County. Saturday, July 12th Maurice participated in the 1st Annual Car Show at the Lizella Baptist Church. The event was phenomenal. He said, "We've been able to meet people and discuss their concerns." The Car Show was one of many annual community outreach events Lizella Baptist Church hosts.

Participating in community events is critical to understanding the needs and desires of the district residents. "Their concerns are mine." He added, "Our whole campaign theme has been Recreating Our Vision. Getting involved with these types of events are a powerful way to meet people and build relationships. This was a huge success!"

Emma said...

Just got Robocall #4 from Bill Lucas. . .

Well, at least I know I'm a STRONG Democrat! :)