Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ouch. According to the AJC, here's Obama's personal response to Vernon Jones appropriating his image without permission:

"I do not endorse him; I have not endorsed him," Obama said Tuesday in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "He put my picture on his literature, without asking me. Now I will tell you in the southside of Chicago,
and I'm assuming here in Georgia, those kinds of things aren't uncommon. It's a
little less common to do when you're a U.S. Senate candidate when presumably the scrutiny is a little higher."Obama, who was in metro Atlanta for two fund-raisers and a town hall meeting in Powder Springs said he thinks he met Jones at a previous campaign event."I think he may have to come to an event of ours a while back," Obama said. "The reason I think I may have met him is I know somebody told me as I was shaking his hand that he had taken pride in voting for George Bush twice."

I think that's a very presidential way of saying, "Jones did not have permission to use my picture. No I have not endorsed him and do not endorse him. This is small time political trick, and a U.S. Senate candidate should know better. By the way, did ya'll know Vernon voted for Bush twice?"

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Don Thieme said...

Barack Obama has coattails now, and I am glad to see that he is trying to keep them up out of the mud down there in Georgia.