Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sonny Fishes While Schools Struggle

If you're wondering why that fish's mouth is hanging open, it's because it can't believe the gall of our Governor. Today, Gov. Perdue, the same person who made sure "Go Fish Georgia" was funded while public education endured cuts of more than 1.6 billion dollars, sent me an invitation to his 5th annual Fish Fry. (That microtargeting the Republicans brag about isn't all it's cracked up to be, now is it?) How painfully ironic that the "Fish Fry" is taking place on the weekend before schools open in Middle Georgia-if we keep these folks in power, about the only job our children will be qualified for when they graduate will involve a fryer.

Forgive me if I decline your invitation, Governor. I don't see much to celebrate.

The truth is, while Sonny's been fishing, local school systems have been struggling to figure out how to make ends meet. In Bibb County alone, more than twenty teachers were let go in an effort to make the budget balance, and still, it didn't. Tonight, the Bibb County School Board adopted a 186.6 million dollar budget for the coming year, but they only expect revenues of 178.2 million. Taxes won't be raised, but the system will drain more than 8 million dollars from the reserve, just in an effort to get by. Thanks to Sonny, the republican-led gutting of public education, schools all across Georgia will open without enough teachers and with classrooms that are too crowded. According to the Telegraph, Superintendent Patterson said succinctly:"This is the most difficult financial condition the state and school system has been in."
No joke.

So, here's to Sonny Perdue, the man who literally fished while our schools crumbled, and to his handmaiden, Kathy Cox, who remains silent and loyal, to her Party and her ambition, but not to our children. This annual event speaks volumes about your misplaced priorities.


Tina said...

And we still are incarcerating the mentally ill....

Amy Morton said...

Yes, these priorities are mind boggling!

Emma said...

Well Said, Amy, Well Said Indeed. Our Governor has gutted our education system.