Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vernon Jones Gave to the Georgia Republican Party

7:15 p.m. Update: per "Scriptwriter," these checks were for tickets to George W. Bush's inaugural ball. So, what? Is that supposed to make Democrats feel better about Jones? The checks were still to the Georgia GOP. And, apparently, according to this poster, not only did Mr. Jones vote for George W. Bush, twice, he was apparently so thrilled by his election that he went to D.C. to party with Bush when he took office in 2001. I know I feel better now. How about you?

You're not the only one who can search the FEC website, Vernon. This falls under the heading, "be careful what mud you sling." Vernon Jones not only brags about voting for George Bush, twice, according to the FEC, he gave money to the Georgia Republican Party in 2001, twice, and not a little bit, either. See below:



Let me point out, that's not a contribution to a particular candidate that Jones had some affection for, or a "wartime president" and was made well before Kerry didn't come to Georgia. So, all of those excuses are simply crap. This is a contribution to the GOP, and everything the GOP stands for, and a vote for Jones is an endorsement of the leadership of Bush, Perdue, and, oh, yes, Saxby. It's time we called Jones what he is: a REPUBLICAN.


scriptwriter said...

PLEASE CHECK YOUR FACTS!!!!! If you took the time to properly investigate this you would find that this money was payment for tickets to the President's Inaugural Ball. As CEO/Mayor Mr. Jones is expected to attend these events. Please create another blog retracting these statements or delete them altogether. Thank you. You should really be more objective and demonstrate more integrity before you publish your political opinion as fact. This is very irresponsible blogging!

Amy Morton said...

I disagree. Democratic officials are not "expected" to attend the Republican President's Inaugural Ball. The FEC website shows that the checks were made to the Georgia Republican Party. It speaks for itself, but I can imagine why Mr. Jones wouldn't want it published.

Emma said...

My goodness! Apparently the CEO of a county in Georgia - even a METRO ATLANTA county! - is so much more important than I had thought. Please forgive me for thinking that Mr. Jones in his official position is just not quite so important that he must hie himself to a Republican president's inaugural ball is he were not a supporter of that Republican president. My goodness. . . I need some educatin', I guess.

Sarcasm aside, Mr. Jones needs to get a grip and quit pretending to be a true Democrat.

Open+Transparent said...

scriptwriter, how many Repub's went to Clinton's Inaugural Ball, first term or second? Guessing not too many...

Open+Transparent said...

Man, Vernon really giving money to Republicans (albeit to the GOP's most preferred military contractor):
Though Blackwater has been investigated by nearly every federal agency that could think to care about the business, the company remains a favorite among its clients who use the facility to learn new techniques.
"All the instructors we know are the most professional that there are," Sgt. David Aderhold of the DeKalb County, Ga., Sheriff's Office said while sweating through drills at a Blackwater gun range. "It's never entered our mind to send somebody somewhere else besides here at Blackwater."

Amy Morton said...

Track, fill this in for me. Are you saying that Vernon authorized this expenditure? Did the sheriff not control his budget? I just want to be sure what you mean.

Open+Transparent said...

The Sheriff has to get permission for any spending over a set amount. I think it was $25k, but now is $50k, and the Sheriff wants it to be $100k.

We'll never know what went down, but for years DeKalb did all their practicing at the county shooting range by Arabia Mountain, and had a good rep for the training there.

I'm guessing that Vernon gave a nudge to the sheriff suggesting they start using Blackwater. One of the biggest complaints about Vernon, even from his supporters, is that he has micromanaged law enforcement during his tenure.