Monday, July 14, 2008

Vote for Martin Tomorrow

Please go to the polls and vote for Jim Martin tomorrow. I've made no secret of either my support for Jim or my fervent hope that Vernon Jones will not become the Democratic nominee for senate. I also think that Matt Towery is right-anything could happen in the senate race tomorrow, and a lot of the variables favor Jones'. If the turnout if low and driven by local races, there's the possibility that Vernon Jones will emerge as the nominee-without a runoff.

That's my nightmare scenario.

Why? When conservative voters are faced with the choice between Republican and Republican-light, they choose Republican every time. Jones' two Bush votes will not merit him the votes of Georgia Republicans. And, if Saxby is willing to use his millions to make a war hero out to be unpatriotic, then what do you think he will do to Jones, a man who has generated enough controversy during his tenure in office to fill many a mail piece? Can you imagine the content of the negative commercials? And, to Jones' assertion that Obama "needs" him on the ticket, I could not disagree more. I think Jones' negatives will be so high by the time Saxby finishes with him, that it will be right-wing 527's, not Jones, photoshopping Obama and Jones together.

Look, we just can't let this happen. We have another choice. In fact we have several other choices, but Jim is the one who has the depth of experience and the ability to bring to the table the resources necessary to defeat Chambliss. Martin can be senator #60. That's huge. Please, go vote for Martin tomorrow!

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