Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Congratulations to Jim Martin

Good job, Jim. Now, let's get Saxby.


Wes said...

Sounds like I moved down here just in time. Congratulations to Mr. Martin - let's hope he can unseat the odious Saxby.

As I mentioned, I just moved down here to take a teaching job at an Atlanta-area university. I have a blog (http://walkinbrain.wesflinn.com) and I'm hoping to get as active in GA politics as teaching music and composing will allow.

Wes Flinn

Amy Morton said...

Welcome to Georgia, Wes. There's PLENTY for you to do here!

Don Thieme said...

That was a relief. I was not able to get back to Georgia in time, and I did not get around to looking into an absentee vote. Let us hope that cures Vernon Jones of his ambition for national office.