Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cuts Could Cost Bibb 70 Teachers

That's right. If Sonny Perdue gets his way, Bibb County could lose as many as 70 classroom teachers. Already, the tightest budget year on record has forced the Bibb School Board to cut 22 teaching positions, dip into the reserve and raise property taxes 1 mill. Now, Perdue, who for political reasons has refused to call a special session, has frozen the property tax grants to local governments. If Bibb doesn't get that money-more than 4 million dollars counted on during budgeting-as many as 70 teachers could get pink slips. Or, local property owners could get the bill. Neither option is a good one.

We are in a severe economic downturn, and some factors are outside government control, but this administration has grown government to unprecedented levels, failed to save and doled out special interest tax cuts. Now, Perdue is scapegoating local governments in a fashion usually reserved for Glenn Richardson while refusing to call a special session to address this crisis.

I guess teachers and home owners just don't merit a special session.

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Dora said...

I'm having a difficult time wrapping my brain around how we could go from a good financial situation to such a crappy one.

I'm even more intrigued by how and why we let our govt do this?