Friday, August 29, 2008

Dan Quayle Was More Qualified

Sarah who? That seemed to be Kay Bailey Hutchinson's reaction to McCain's pick to be a heartbeat away from that 3 a.m. phone call.

With this choice, McCain stuck a pacifier in the mouth of his party's most radical factions and demonstrated a profound misunderstanding of what female voters value.

Women I have spoken to in Denver, many who were Clintonites, have said McCain's choice is flatly insulting to women. It's the first thing out of their mouth. The second thing they say is what poor judgment McCain has shown with this pick.

In her speech, Palin was giving her resume, highlighting her run for city council and Mayor of a city of 8500. So, that's like Gray or Forsyth. Actually, this a good argument for keeping partisan local elections in Macon-otherwise, the next Republican nominee might get addled and choose Lauren Benedict.

What the hell is McCain thinking? As a Democrat, I'm thrilled. As an American, I'm horrified.

If Palin's his choice for VP, then we can assume that Karen Handel will be Secretary of State. Or, perhaps Attorney General based on her vast legal experience.

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Tina said...

There is so much unknown about her and so much yet to learn. My guess is that press coverage and late night comedians and bloggers will defeat her even before election day. Obama and Biden won't really have to say too much about her.
Choosing Palin was, I think, impulsive on McCain's part..and impulsivity in a leader is also a cause for worry.
Hillary she's not. Women are not interchangeable parts.