Friday, August 22, 2008

Details on Denver

On Sunday, I'll get on a plane and head to the DNCC in Denver. I'll be blogging for Georgia's State Blogger Corp member, Tondee's Tavern . Just one blog per state was chosen for this honor, and Tondee's will literally have a front row seat to all the action in Denver. With press credentials, a floor pass and a seat with the Georgia Delegation, Tondee's will have an excellent opportunity to cover the activities of the Georgia Delegation in Denver. In all, the DNCC credentialed more than 120 blogs, an unprecedented number and another indication that Obama has and will run a "bottom up" campaign.

Lauren Benedict will also get on an airplane Sunday, and she will be blogging at the DNCC for Georgia Women Vote! So, check here for her posts.

You'll notice the Zannel application in the sidebar. We'll be able to use that to post photographs, video and short text updates from Denver, so that will be a good place to look for breaking news-like the name of the VP nominee!

We're excited and can't wait to give you a front row seat to history, so tune in!

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