Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't Forget to VOTE - TODAY!!!

Today is the runoff election for the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate and other races statewide. Turnout for the primary on July 15 was low and it is expected to be even lower today. In Bibb County, the only race on the ballot is the U.S. Senate race which is bound to make the turnout even lower. If you’ve ever wondered whether your vote can really make a difference, this is your chance as the election will likely be decided on just a handful of votes.

*You can vote in the runoff even if you didn’t vote in the July 15 election.* If you didn’t vote on July 15, you can vote in the Democratic runoff today. The only people who cannot vote are those who voted in the Republican primary on July 15.

Go out and cast your ballot in this all important primary runoff!

p.s. Wondering who to vote for? Be sure to check out the candidates in all races, but for those of us here in Bibb County, remember, both The Telegraph and The Atlanta Journal Constitution have endorsed Jim Martin in the Senate race.

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