Monday, August 25, 2008

Georgia and Alabama Delegations hear from Congressman Heath Shuler

This morning at the Georgia Delegation breakfast and meeting, the delegates combined sessions with Alabama to hear from Congressman Heath Shuler. The Chair of the Alabama delegation said it was a little strange to have a Tennessee quarterback from North Carolina address Georgia and Alabama.

However, I don't think its strange, instead it is a beacon of hope for those of us in the deep (and red) south. Congressman Shuler represents exactly what those of us in Georgia and all across the south believe in - taking care of our neighbors. He said he gets asked all the time why he is a democrat and his response was exactly the one I give frequently - "why wouldn't I be a democrat!"

He had many good things to share with us, but Dad, Congressman Shuler didn't have a thing good to say about those Gators.

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