Monday, August 4, 2008

I Don't Whine

I don't. Not usually. But, I think I'll take a minute here. Have you ever had a couple of days where you wonder what it is you did to mess up the balance? I think everything would be much simpler if there were like groups of bad people and good people, both with clear labels, and if bad things really didn't happen to good people. And, especially if really good people didn't make really, really bad decisions. But, that's not the way it works. A design flaw?


Open+Transparent said...

You'll feel much better when you listen to us and finally run for office!!!

Amy Morton said...

Well, at least I know I'd have your support, but seriously, things on my feel better list included (1) a vacation; (2) a spa; (3) a nap.

You get my drift.

Open+Transparent said...

From now on, Vernon's new nickname will forever be 60/40.
Jim Martin just trounced the dude.

Tina said...

I think we will all feel better when (1) we know who Obama's veep nominee will be and (2) when they replace Bush and Darth Cheney at the White House. "Say not the struggle naught availeth...!"