Monday, August 25, 2008

If you want to debate, go to Congress...

The governors didn't limit their conversation to water.  Also important to those of us who live in more conservative states was their discussion of how they were elected and now are effective in red or red leaning states.  All three said that dealing with basic, kitchen table issues was key not only to their elections, but their ability to effectively govern. 

Gov. Manchin said "you can't be successful governing from right or left.  People want solutions.  If you want to debate, go to Congress.  If you want to lead, be a governor." 

Out in Montana, Gov. Schweitzer is the first democrat elected governor of Montana in 20 years.  He chose a republican state senator to choose as his lieutenant governor.

Gov. O'Malley, he hit a home run when he said government "can and should work for the people".  He talked about strengthening the middle class and specifically mentioned family businesses.  I know it was a family business that put me and my brothers through school and helped us get where we are today. 

It seems to me that in keeping with their basic beliefs of working for the common good, these governors have had success in actually leading and not politicing.  Maybe those of us in Georgia and elsewhere need to be listening. 
Lauren Logan Benedict

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