Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Men of quality don't fear women who want equality

That's what we heard from President Carter today at the Celebrating Democratic Women Luncheon.  Back when I was not paying quite as much attention to politics, President Carter issued Proclamation 4515 on August 26, 1977, creating Women's Equality Day.  President Carter started his speech today saying he was "shocked that women were NOT dominant" when he got to Washington after being dominated by his wife, mother and daughter.  He discovered there were over 3000 laws and directives on the books that were directly discriminatory to women.  He took action and issued an executive order eliminating every previous order that was discriminatory, he directed his cabinet members to do the same and charged his Attorney General, Georgia's own Griffin Bell, to work to eliminate discriminatory laws through legislative action.

President Carter said he learned early that "men of quality don't fear women who want equality."  I recognize that quality in many men in both my personal and professional life.  Unfortunately, there seem to be many more who fear equality.  So, just like I want my niece, Ava to know no limits due to gender, I want my nephews, Grady and Cole to become men who believe what President Carter said is true.  Knowing my brothers, my Dad, and of course the "dominant" women in their lives including their pushy Aunt La, I think there is a pretty good chance my wish will come true!
Lauren Logan Benedict

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