Thursday, August 28, 2008

My kingdom for a Lemonade

 We have been at Invesco for several hours waiting on Obama's speech.  The sun has been constantly present.  Staying hydrated to avoid a host of horrible outcomes has been repeatedly emphasized to me.  So when one of my fellow attendees wanted a lemonade, I volunteered for the quest.  The line for the lemonade was an ordeal.  A diminutive woman prepared the lemonade alone.  The process included manually squeezing the lemons, adding the liquid, adding the ice, and taking the money.  It took a long time, but I could not be mad at the person doing the best job she could.  I also met some great Democrats in the line. Fortunately, I returned in time to save my comrade from a fate worse than death.

Guest posted by one of Georgia Women Votes favorite men, Daryl Morton

ps - Guess who wanted the lemonade.
Lauren Logan Benedict

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