Thursday, August 21, 2008

Powell Wins

How many judges will have to tell Karen Handel that Jim Powell belongs on the ballot? And how many more of your tax dollars will she spend waging this partisan fight? Today, Jim Powell had his day in court-and he won. Today, in the Athens Banner Herald, Handel was forced to defend herself against a growing chorus of allegations that she is using her office for partisan gain. She repeatedly argued that she was just (helplessly and innocently) following the law. Yet, now, despite two judges telling her that Powell belongs on the ballot, Handel says that she may appeal. I guess she's got to check her WWKHD (What Would Katherine Harris Do) bracelet for inspiration. Need to cut the budget, Sonny? I suggest we start with cutting out the frivolous litigation from the SOS office.

Here's Powell's press release:

Great News!! A judge has ruled against Karen Handel and the Secretary of State's office and has declared that Jim Powell will remain on the ballot in November! From the Fort Mill Times:
Judge Wendy Shoob's ruling Thursday reversed the decision by Georgia's top elections official to disqualify Powell from the election. Secretary of State Karen Handel's office said it "strongly disagreed" with the decision and that it may appeal.
Over the past week, we all helped call in to support Jim Powell against the partisan attempts of Karen Handel. Luckily, now a second judge has ruled against her. However, Handel continues to keep her political threats to derail Jim's campaign on the table.

Jim just won yet another victory, but he still needs our help right now!

Whether you join his email list, sign up to volunteer, or contribute to his campaign, our joined support now will send a clear signal to Karen Handel and the Republican Party!

We have the chance to put an experienced leader on the Public Service Commission and we hope everyone will continue to support Jim as he attempts to gear up and run an effective campaign in just about 75 days!

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