Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sir, what the hell are we doing over here?

That's what retired officer and Congressman Patrick Murphy from Pennsylvania was asked by his gunner while on patrol in Iraq.

On the podium with 25 young veterans he criticized George Bush for abandonning injured soldiers at Walter Reed, failing to provide enough body armor and offering photo opps instead of leadership. 

I'd say that the six to one ratio of contributions from active military demonstrates the Congressman Murphy spoke for many of our servicemen and women when he said it is "time for a president who leads, who serves our troops as they serve us."

We've also heard from Command Sgt Major, Michelle Jones who said "he is the best most qualified to serve as Commander in Chief." She is supporting Barack Obama because he will provide "the equipment, training and resources to address their needs to fully complete their mission." Senator Obama has the "courage to serve, the gift to lead and the ability to get things done."

They both made me think of my cousin, Christopher, who served high risk missions as a Marine in both Bosnia and Iraq.  He's out of the Marines now and trying to get his college degree.  But his service cost him more - a missed  final while he was in the hospital for a stomach ulcer.  Just like all who have seen combat, I'm sure his service has cost him far more than any of us know.

Lauren Logan Benedict

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