Thursday, September 4, 2008

But Will She Win the Emmy?

Last night, Sarah Palin, a wet-behind-the-ears Alaska governor, starred in the much anticipated, made for television original, "Anyone Can Be President." Palin reached for her lipstick just in time to play an unlikely vice presidential candidate and was well-prepared to deliver the soliloquy of her life. Her here-to-fore off-limits family, including her husband, two sons, three daughters and one son-in-law-to-be, were paraded across the stage like a supporting cast. (Apparently, it's okay for her to use her family to score political points, but, for us regular folks, they're off-limits.) Even John McCain, who was supposed to have the lead in this production, was relegated to a supporting role. When the lights went out, the critics raved, her ratings soared, and she may well win the Emmy. But one critical question remains unanswered:

Is she well-prepared to lead the nation?

Meeting the minimum qualifications for an office is not the same as being well-prepared to serve. Specifically, is Palin as well-prepared to serve as Joe Biden? Consider these questions:

  • Does she have the ability to unify the nation if some awful tragedy befalls us?

  • Does she have the gravitas to go head-to-head with Putin (or will she look into his eyes)?

  • Does she understand what its like to grow up in an inner-city (because surely as many people have grown up in inner cities as have in small towns)? Has she ever actually been to Scranton?

  • Does she understand what it's like to have to leave your family to follow your spouse across the country, a common occurrence in military families?

  • Does she understand what its like to be boiling hot with no air-conditioning?

  • How many victims, pregnant as a result of rape or incest, did she talk with before deciding that the government should force them to have their rapist's babies?

  • Does she understand the pressures a single mother with no family support faces when she tries to balance work and childcare?

    Palin has limited experiences...more limited than any major party candidate in recent times. True some of her experience is "executive" but little of it is "broadening." And, that's frightening.


Tina said...

It will be hard for her to maintain an image as a serious candidate while at the same time appearing on the cover of the National Enquirer. I was checking out of the grocery and couldn't resist buying a copy and reading about her "dark secrets."

Dora said...

What is more frightening is that I met people today who are voting for her just because she is female.

Blind conscious ignorance.

Vote for someone for God's sake....but vote for them for a reason better than the fact that she has ovaries.

We have SO much work to do and the possibilities of the alternatives are rather daunting.

Amy Morton said...

They have already accomplished their goals. She is a household name. She is the Un-Obama. I am very concerned. We cannot win this battle unless we engage our emotional brain.

Tina said...

Wait until she gets interviewed one-on-one and the tough questions come up.....maybe she has found out by now what the VP does. The VP has no vote (except to break a tie in the senate), and cannot introduce legislation, hire or fire, etc. Wonder who she thinks she is going to "reform" and how?

Open+Transparent said...


"Sarah Palin Gender Card"