Sunday, September 28, 2008

Epps vs. Freeman

If I were Allen Freeman, I'd be worried. It looks more and more like Bubber Epps has the right combination of support to win in November. For example, today, Daryl and I went to Gray for an event, and folks from down that way are none too pleased with Freeman's lack of leadership, especially on the issue of the War Veteran's Home. I also saw a number of Epps signs, but no Freeman signs. Signs don't vote, but interesting still. Then, I keep reflecting back on his announcement party. What struck me were the number of people there with "Sonny" and "Bush" stickers on their cars. Epps will get a lot of cross-over Republican support and will appeal to independent voters. He will do fine in Bibb County-probably lose South Bibb but win the East Macon precinct overwhelmingly, and I predict that he will carry Twiggs, Jones and Wilkinson by a wide margin. In 2006, it poured rain on election day and there was virtually zero GOTV from the top of the Democratic ticket. I can't predict the weather, but I can predict a huge voter turnout this year. Yep, I think come January, we're going to be calling Bubber, "Rep. Epps."

By the way, I'm trying to figure out how Freeman's officer club dues at Robins AFB are a campaign expense. Just asking.

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