Monday, September 8, 2008

Handel Ignored the Facts, Ya'll

Last week, Karen Handel attempted to calm the Georgia Republican delegates at the RNCC by telling them that all this talk of increased voter registration in Georgia was a myth, "ya'll." Well, today, Dicy Pettys looks at some cold, hard facts, something Handel didn't bother to do before given her speech. Looks like voter registration is up in Georgia, especially among black voters. That's a fact that might have Saxby reaching for his Tums, ya'll. I'll give you that Handel probably intends to do all she can to suppress registration, suppress democratic voters and deny democrats ballot access, but so far, she's ignoring the facts while feeding pablum to the faithful.


Dora said...

It bothers me that she is an official who can't keep her facts straight for whatever reason....but I can't help but think that they should go right on thinking that the tripe they feed each other is the truth. Let them live in their own little world because when they do - they won't see us building networks in our neighborhoods, registering people to vote and then perhaps - they'll feel the whammy on election day.

I tell you, I'm still afraid of what I'm hearing among people. They are feasting on what the Republicans are feeding them and I'm appalled at the number of people who I know through my business who intend to vote for Palin just because she has ovaries.

I'm concerned for my daughter's future - all 3 of them. I"m trying to keep my fear busy with working towards what I believe will be part of the solution.

Tina said...

Palin got the Republicans a bounce because she is a novelty. She reminds me of some of the female televangelists...a good speaker, "cute" in a smartmouth way, and ideologically shallow. My prediction is that the "new" will begin to wear off, especially when she starts talking about matters outside her Alaskan comfort zone.