Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kay Hagan Needs No Lipstick

If the Obama campaign is shifting some resources to North Carolina, then I met one of the reasons last night. North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan was in Atlanta last night, and she's one sharp cookie who's running an extremely effective campaign. Multiple polls show Hagan, an attorney, former vice president with NationsBank and ten year veteran of the North Carolina senate, leading one term incumbent Elizabeth Dole in the North Carolina senate race. Dole, who like Saxby, has voted with Bush 92% of the time, is rated as the 93rd most effective senator. (Looks like she 's trying to follow McCain example of being at the bottom of the class at the Naval Academy).

There was no talk of pit bulls, pigs or lipstick at the Hagan event, and she needed no slogan to hide behind. After winning a seven-person Democratic primary with more than 60% of the vote, Hagan is now about five points ahead of Dole in polls that may be under-estimating the youth vote and the African American vote in this historic election year. Hagan has raised about four million dollars for her race. She is endorsed by Emily's List, and it looks to me as if the DSCC is fully engaged in the race. Hagan's family is fully invested in her race, and her husband will actually be able to vote for her, unlike Bob Dole, who is not a resident of North Carolina. Bit of a problem for Libby, don't you think? Plus, Dole is worried, launching nasty ads comparing Kay to a Jack Russell Terrier. The ad was so offensive that the Dole campaign actually had to issue a statement assuring voters that no animals were harmed during filming. (Veruca, my Jack Russell demands to know why this would be a negative comparison in the first place).

I made a contribution last night, and it may be the best politcal investment I have ever made. Kay Hagan has a real opportunity to win, and when she does, she will be an outstanding United States senator. Max Cleland, who is about to hit the campaign trail with Kay this weekend, thinks so, too. I hope that you will consider contributing to her campaign so we can buy Elizabeth Dole a pair of ruby slippers and send her back to Kansas where she belongs.

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