Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin's Sexist Supporters

In her speech tonight in Alaska, after thanking the "First Dude"- yep, she really said that-Sarah Palin gleefully told the crowd that everywhere she goes, people are shouting, "drill, baby, drill!" That Sarah, what a sport! She was laughing right along with her sexist supporters.

I'm not kidding. Forget the Freudian metaphors, calling the potential vice president "baby"-shouting it at her like she's some female wrestler- is blatant sexism. To be consistent, all the major networks should make this their top story tomorrow, and McCain himself should demand a formal apologize to poor Sarah.

And pigs, lipstick or no, might fly.

Everytime the McCain/Rove campaign cries wolf when it comes to sexism, they make it harder, not easier, for women to achieve and harder to combat sexism when it does occur. They have never been the Party that fought for women's equality. On the contrary, they have blocked the advancement of women at every opportunity. Don't be fooled. They're not concerned about sexism-they're concerned about winning. And if Democrats allow them to make us afraid to take off the gloves, they'll do just that.


Not Hannah said...

You are SPOT ON. Every time Palin allows herself to be the victim of the big bad wolf in an ad, every time she mentions the word "lipstick," every time she is kept from reporters because she might be abused by them, she sets us back.

Amy Morton said...

Thanks. Distribute-widely!

Not Hannah said...

I'm a distributing fiend.

Tina said...

Not long ago I read a biography of Huey Long--the "kingfish" of Louisiana. Long fired or found some other way to ruin or debase anyone who got in his way. He thought nothing of saying something like "I hear your father is principal of XYZ school. Do things my way or he's out of a job."
From what I read about Palin's activities in Alaska, she's a "my way or the highway" sort of female demagogue.
Also, I wish that CNN would start doing its own fact-checking instead of quoting The Annenberg Foundation's "" I think tends to be soft on Palin.