Monday, September 15, 2008

Queen Sarah

John McCain won't let Sarah Palin take questions. Not from reporters. Not from voters. And, now, not from the bi-partisan group investigating abuse of power allegations in the "Troopergate" scandal. John McCain trusts Sarah Palin to instantly become the leader of the free world, but he doesn't trust her to take a few questions. This is behavior that would not be tolerated from ANY OTHER CANDIDATE. McCain won't let her take questions from reporters until the media learns to "treat her with deference." He must be confused. She's not running for Queen. It's the voters the media should treat with deference, not you, Sarah, nor you, Barack, or you, John. Why doesn't this strong women, who is being so carefully "handled" just tell the boys to get their paws off?

I'm not clear what the problem is with the voters in her crowds. They are so carefully screened that they are not even allowed to bring in their own handmade signs and instead are provided with faux-homemade signs. That's sort of like a faux-candidate, but we won't go there.

And, the reason for refusing the cooperate with the Alaska investigation. Predictably, it's the fault of the Obama campaign. The investigation has been "hijacked" by Democrats supporting Obama. I'm sure that word choice, four days after 9/11, is entirely accidental.


Not Hannah said...

Can't she just eat her words in peace?


I actually wrote a mini-blog on this very thing today.

Tina said...

Another interesting challenge to Palin is that Joe and Jill Biden have both released their financial records for the past 10 years. Now the pressure will be on Palin and First Dude to do the same, and I bet they don't wanna.

Vic said...

is my dog the only one that starts howling when Sarah comes on the air?

Tina said...

On the "trooper" investigation, they are trying to gain time and hold off more information coming out until after Nov. 4.