Monday, September 15, 2008

Ralph Reed? Really? Has McCain Lost His Mind?

Right this minute, Ralph Reed, who had been repeatedly linked to the King of the Culture of Corruption, Jack Abramoff, is on CNN with Larry King and identified as a supporter of John McCain. I'm not kidding. Wasn't McCain saying today that he was going to get control of those evil lobbyists? And Reed is shilling for him on CNN? Really? Didn't the McCain campaign just have to do a dance around Reed's involvement in a Georgia fundraiser? Looks like Reed can raise the money and speak for the candidate. He fits right in.

Holy cow, just, holy cow.

psst...maybe it's an audition for a McCain cabinet post. Chief of Staff, perhaps?

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Robert said...

I was so shocked to see Reed tonight on Larry King that I sent CNN/Larry King the following email:

Dear CNN and Larry King,
I was shocked and frankly, disgusted to see Ralph Reed on Larry King Live to offer "commentary" about the campaign tonight (09/15/08). Reed's ties to Jack Abramoff, and the scandal involving Choctaw Indian gaming, Millions in lobbying fees, The Christian Coalition and Abramoff, clearly shows what a dishonest, dirt bag the guy is. You have put your network and Larry King in bed with a real scum-bag by having him on the show. Why would you invite him to be on the show with his "credentials" as a corrupt political lowlife? I truly thought you to be smarter than that. I look forward to reading your response.

Robert E#@&