Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The "No Talk Express"

The McCain campaign's continued to fight to keep an unscripted Palin from the press has earned the candidate's bus an apt new name, "The No Talk Express." Today, as the campaign sought to keep press out of her meetings with world leaders, the networks finally had enough and decided they would not run photographs or video of the meetings unless they were allowed an editorial presence in the room. So, the campaign allowed them to view the conversation with Afgan President Karzi for 29 seconds and with Columbian President Uribe for 15-20 seconds.

That'll show 'um. Not.

So, when, exactly, is the MSM going to stand up to these folks?

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The CDM said...

She's running around the country like a college student crams for an exam, only thing is, she will ultimately fail. She can't possibly retain everything she has been exposed to...even the 29 seconds worth of conversation.