Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Absolutely NOT Okay

I don't care that it's near Halloween. I don't care that I apparently have no sense of humor. I don't care what the "other side" has done. This is absolutely out of bounds, and EVERYONE, not just Republicans, should be outraged. Mr. Morisette must not be an Obama supporter, because this certainly does not help Obama.

"A Halloween decoration showing a mannequin dressed as vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin hanging by a noose from the roof of a Los Angeles house has sparked outrage among Republican supporters. The mannequin, which is dressed in brown wig, glasses and a red business suit, has been reported to police as a hate crime. However, officers said the mannequin could not be considered a hate crime because it was part of a Halloween display. Chad Michael Morisette, who lives in the house,defended the effigy, claiming it was art. Mr Morisette admitted it would be out of bounds at any other time of year. He said: "It should be seen as art, and as within the month of October. It's Halloween, it's time to be scary...."

This election is set upon the tinderbox of race, anger and fear. We should all leave the matches in our pockets.

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Tina said...

Not OK, and not art either. How about "dumb."